Johanna Molineus Architects


Be it a new-build residential or commercial project or an upgrade of an existing site, Johanna Molineus Architects negotiates the many competing and complex interests between client and local planning departments.

We excel at creating architecturally impressive environments that respect the essential character of an existing location, while bringing renewed life, extended use and sound investment for the future.

We have excellent relationships with a wide variety of planning departments and ensure we up to date with current policies and regulations. Whatever the size and scope of your project, we are confident about finding a creative solution that satisfies everyone concerned.

New Build

Johanna Molineus Architects relishes the potential of building from scratch, and has new-build projects from the heart of the metropolis to the wilds of the countryside.

Following in-depth consultations with the client to determine their aesthetic aspirations and practical needs, we fulfil the brief with unique designs admired for their elegant contemporaneity and bespoke detailing.

Selecting the best materials for the technical requirements of the project, we are noted for our ability to adapt to the unique parameters of the site and manage the create and build/construction so seamlessly that all our clients need do is turn the key to step in to their new property.

Renovation and Conservation

Johanna Molineus Architects is renowned for successfully navigating the many competing demands of renovating and conserving heritage and listed buildings in the UK and abroad.

With cultural sensitivity and architectural ingenuity, we find elegant solutions that fulfil a client’s needs while respecting the existing fabric of the building and satisfying the requirements of local building policies. We find creative solutions to planning constraints that satisfy local authorities while realising our clients’ ambitions.

We apply the best of contemporary techniques and detailing to historic buildings to upgrade and maintain them for future generations and ensure their environmental sustainability.

Whether a modest project involving a small team or a complex development requiring groups of local planners, engineers, consultants, surveyors, and construction crews, we co-ordinate everyone involved from the initial brief to the delivery date.

Interior Design

From the traditional to the trend-setting, our designers create interiors that complement the architectural environment while fulfilling the practical needs of the space. Drawing upon their in-depth knowledge of international modern and historic design references, our team unfailingly produces comfortable, elegant interiors with uplifting, inspiring atmospheres that subtly assist social interaction.


Reflecting the international upbringing of its founder and clientele, members of Johanna Molineus Architects work in five languages. The London practice is registered with the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), the British Institute of Interior Design, and Johanna herself is registered as an architect in Germany, France and the UK.

Uniting design expertise with in-depth knowledge of each country’s building policies and processes, we collaborate with local professionals to deliver our clients’ commission with confidence, on time and to budget.

From villas to vineyards, the practice currently has commercial and residential projects in London, Berlin, Washington DC, and the South of France, and we are happy to venture further afield to hear your ideas and fulfil your vision.